International Scholars Institute

International Scholars Institute

The International Scholars Institute is run through a partnership between GLLI, Equity in Education, the University of Arizona. It also involves a number universities in the USA and South Africa. 


The ISI will convene an international cohort of students for a 15-month, fully funded fellowship. Rising 11th grade students and college Sophomores and Juniors from the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, China, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, and South America will engage in a curriculum developed to accelerate their success academically and professionally. Throughout the fellowship, students will acquire new skills across the leadership, entrepreneurship, politics, economics, intercultural competence, and social justice domains. 

Faculty from universities and community-based organizations support ISI as thought leaders and mentors. Students will participate in a two-week immersion experience to an international destination and will be required to develop a policy or business solution for a current social justice issue facing that country. ISI is designed to expose high school and collegiate students of colour and those from low-income backgrounds to an international community of learners, to ignite their commitment to solve global and complex issues, and to shepherd their pathway to college and high-impact employment opportunities. 

As the world continues to evolve and nations become increasingly interconnected, the need for leaders who understand the complexities of globalization is all the more paramount. ISI Fellows will participate in this world-class experience to build international relationships with their peers, university academicians, politicians, and business leaders. More importantly, they will receive the training and support necessary to be the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow in both academic and professional settings.


 A pilot excursion will take place in South Africa this July involving 30 students from high schools and Universities in the USA and a cohort of 30 students recruited from partner universities and high schools in South Africa.