LL - Tech Academy


This is 9 to 12 months’  electronics hardware maintenance, networking and entrepreneurship training programme for unemployed youths aged 18 to 35,  leading to cisco-accredited “IT Essentials’ and compTIA A+ certifications. 

Trained technicians are provided with toolkits, support and value-added support to become successful IT entrepreneurs.                


Training of grassroots IT Specialists


The Eastern Cape is the poorest province in South Africa, with 36% of its households surviving on social grants as main source of income (Statistics South Africa, 2017). The disruption in the labour market brought about my Information and communication Technology and automation is causing many jobs to disappear and anchoring the cycle of poverty. Graduate unemployment in South Africa is on the rise, whereas there is a high skill shortage in fields such as Information Technology 

The LL-Tech entrepreneurship program presents a unique opportunity for  South African youths in disadvantaged communities to develop IT skills, create businesses and generate wealth.

This April,  GLLI launched the recruitment of the inaugural batch of the LL-Tech Academy.  Out of hundreds of application from around Mthatha, 15 youths were selected to attend the interviews and tests. 

Six candidates made it into the Academy this year.