LLW Fellowship


This is a secondary school fellowship for LLW club members from grade 7 to 10. We identify highly talented students, with leadership and entrepreneurship potentials from low income families, in poorly resourced public schools and place them in better high schools, with a good track record at the National Senior Certificate (Matric) examinations on scholarship. They then go through a rigorous curriculum in an intensive after-school program to support them to excel academically and enhancing their chances to access university scholarships and access tertiary education. The ultimate goal is to give more promising young leaders opportunities to shine their lights and become “Leading Lights” irrespective of their backgrounds.

Thanks to our partnership with Saint Johns College in Mthatha, seven of our most dynamic LLW members, who were attending public schools in rural communities around Mthatha have been placed at their school for the 2018 academic year on scholarship. This came as exciting news for these young leaders who without this scholarship would still be in poorly resourced schools, with poor matric pass rates and face the prospects of being trapped in the poverty trap. Studying at such a prestigious school will only boost their self-esteem and provide nurturing environments for them to excel and eventually disrupt the cycle of poverty in their families. 

This year, priority was given to girls because we believe in the UNICEF’s view that “Girls' education is a lifeline to development” (https://www.unicef.org/sowc96/ngirls.htm). However, from 2018 boys shall also be selected into the fellowship, because quality education is important for every child, irrespective of gender. We are looking to expand our network of partner schools to create more opportunities for less privileged members of our LLW clubs to access better education.