Proposed Mthatha Innovation Hub building

GLLI is currently raising funds for its Mthatha Innovation Hub.  This is a grassroots Technology innovation training and support programme which aims to establish the tech economy in low income communities. The Mthatha Innovation Hub will have the following components:


Digital engineering lab for ICT training 

Prototyping lab for prototype building and testing, Quality Assurance testing, business incubation, and coaching services 

Open Innovation Lab: Co-creation space with shared work space, wifi for discovery, engaging and creating solutions, businesses, and employment opportunities.

Incubation Lab:  To provide value-added support to start-ups, including mentorship, coaching, counselling 

and connection to acceleration partners and donors 

Student Innovation Lab: For the promotion of STEM education 

Wellness center:   A space for the promotion of the well-being of entrepreneurs.

Be part of this vision

You can help us establish this vision by partnering with us. Please contact us on to discuss how you can be a partner. 

You can also support by contributing financially or in kind. We have a Section 501 (C) partner in the U.S. through who you can donate, if you reside in the USA