Parent Initiatives

Iziko Parenting Clubs

Iziko are parent groups, mostly targeting young parents through which aims to foster positive relationships between parents and children, while providing unemployed parents with life skills to increase their families' income and live dicent family lives


Why is parenting education important for GLLI?

  The child’s entrepreneurship and leadership and personality development starts in the family. In order to raise young innovative leaders,  it is necessary to involve their parents. 

Family poverty often strains the parent-child relationship and affects the child’s performance. By combining parenting education with poverty alleviation strategies, the family income is increased, as the relationship between parents and children improves.  

What is an Iziko?

Iziko is a Zulu word for “firesides” which plays an important role in the socialisation of Africans. The fireside is often a place for learning by sharing stories without feeling judged. It is based on this concept that GLLI built the Iizko clubs. 

Hear from a Parent

Meet one of our participants in the Iziko