Why youth?

We have a strong conviction that our collective prosperity and well-being highly depends on the ability of youths to access opportunities and services. However, Africa’s youth face exclusion at all levels and are hardly given the opportunities they deserve as future leaders.  Although Africa’s youth constitute about 40% of its working-age population, they make up 60% of the total unemployed population. (L. Doke, 2016) In South Africa 59% of youths aged 15 to 24 years live in households with less than R620 ($45) per person per month, and many experience multiple forms of deprivation such as limited access to quality education, health care, housing and high levels of unemployment. Youths in less developed communities also lack the beneficial kinds of social networks and information needed to access post-school education and the labour market. (Unicef South Africa, 2016).  Africa needs an emergence of a new leadership paradigm that really understands and meets the needs of its people. This can be best achieved by investing in young people today. If inequalities are addressed early in life chances of breaking the cycle of poverty are increased.   

Youth Initiatives



A series of grassroots activities aimed at providing opportunities to good quality education, leadership development and career readiness to youths from low income communitie

International Scholars Institute

An international leadership fellowship for high school and university students  from the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, China, Canada, Mexico, Africa, and South America    

Global Leading Light Network

Network of alumni of the LLW clubs and the Leading Light Global fellowship