GLLI is a non-profit organization working within low income communities in Africa to create opportunities for its youth to develop 21st century skills and play key roles in their local economy. 

Testimonials from some of our beneficiaries


"After high school I had searched for jobs for many years without success. Then I came across the advert on the LL-Tech Academy program. In such a short time I learned to fix cell phones, computers, printers and networking and now I am making some money to take care of myself" Nceba Mvakade

Nangamso Mhlanganiso


Before I came here at GLLI I didn’t know anything practical on both IT software and hardware. All I knew was theory from FET. But now I’m proud to say I can strip down a computer and rebuild it from scratch. I’m able to fix broken cell phones, laptops, in fact any computer hardware. I have also registered my company which I believe will make huge money in my location at Mqanduli. This is a dream come true for me because it is exactly what I have been wishing for"

Nangamso Mhlanganiso

Odwa Mgudlwa

"When I came here I knew nothing about IT repairs. But through the LL-Tech Academy I have

learned to troubleshoot and repair cell phones and laptops. Repairing cell phones is my favourite

part. I have also established my business and making some money and even though it is not yet

sustainable I can see that it will bring me much money in future" Odwa Mgudlwa

Abongile Mona

"I previously had an IT theoretical background but now I am able to implement it. This includes knowing how to pick apart a laptop, printer or cell phone and put it back together to find a problem and fix it. I also wrote a complete professional business plan for my company. I did my budget and entire cash flow for the first year of operation. The business plan made me have a clear vision of what I want to achieve" Abongile Mona